I’m a bit tired, but I’m going to try to last enough to do this post.

I wanted to do a more personal post, since I mostly post about fun gadgets and random things over the internet.

Things have been rather interesting for me recently. I quit a great job I had and I’m considering going back to it. (even though my friends are advising me against it) I haven’t fully decided just yet. We’ll see.

I’ve been.. distracting myself a lot with random things. Some I won’t mention on here, and some I can.

It’s been rather difficult for me lately to find a purpose in life. I’m just kinda bumming around with nothing to do. I’ve kinda lost my ambitions to chase after my dreams, and I find it hard to find the passion to really do anything. There’s a lot that’s been going on inside my head that I just haven’t had the opportunity to release or rather. I don’t want to because the people I know I can tell don’t really want to hear it. They’re sick of my stupidity over something that’s just completely a waste of my time and energy.

But none the less, it’s been something that’s occupied my thoughts more than it should. And I just can’t seem to find the will the let go of those thoughts. It’s annoying. There’s some part of me that wants to be miserable like this and I just can’t find the way to fight against it. I feel myself losing grip on my own mind/actions. I’m letting my emotions run, rather than thinking things rationally.

At best, I can ignore these thoughts and distract myself enough to get through the day, but it always comes back into thought once I have nothing to distract myself with.

ugh. Is all I can really say. I just don’t understand why I have to fight so hard against myself. My biggest battle in life?





something really awesome is coming. but…

πŸ™‚ i’m off to update myself on surf the channel. happy surfing!Β 

Hulu, ‘cuz surf is down. πŸ™‚



Hello everyone!

As promised here’s an extra yummy post for you. Yesterday I strolled over to Miami Beach and stopped by the Espanola Way Art Center. Pretty interesting stuff. I had been there once previously and the artists kept mostly the same stuff up, but as always art is timeless. πŸ™‚

Then I made a stroll down Lincoln Road Mall and made a stop by the Art center. It was a pretty fun filled day until the weather blew a storm on us. It’s okay though, Nothing a nice cup of Jamba Juice can’t fix.

I saw Horton Hears a Who yesterday as well, Which was funnier than expected. You should go watch it. I think it’s worth the 8-9 bucks depending on where you are. πŸ™‚

Here’s a cool blog on fashion photography. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like she updates too much. Her latest post was about 6 months ago. She’s got a lot in the archives though!

I love socks. Especially long socks. Get some joy here for every joyous occasion. Sock Joy!

How many times have you pushed the snooze on your alarm and been late for work, school, some important appointment, or even missed an opportunity to go to the beach? Never fear Puzzle alarm clock is here!

It shoots out 4 puzzle pieces and the only way to turn the alarm off it to put those pieces back in. It’s a bit pricey but, hey being late just doesn’t pay. So pay to not be late! πŸ™‚

I know there’s a lot of Ebay-ers out there who will think this game is kinda silly, but I think it’s neat. Here’s a new electronic game inspired by Ebay. Snipe it!

This electronic trivia game is apparently inspired by the tactic of sniping on eBay whereby you bid for an item in the last seconds of an auction in order to prevent others outbidding you. No we kid you not, with this game it’s not how fast you answer, but whether you’re the last one to give the right answer before the timer goes. What the…? $19.97.
I don’t really do too many high-tech related posts, but.. I just HAD to update with this phone that’s much like an Iphone except it’s got a keyboard so you can type and use the touch screen at the same time. Technology is really getting intense.

Voyager, From LG. Voyager

They also have a touch screen music phone. Neat-O! The Venus from LG.

Good bye notebook and paper, Hello Digital pen!

Ever forgotten to charge your phone? Wish you had a way to just shove a AAA battery in somehow to give it some juice? Don’t worry, someone has already thought of that before you. Phillips is developing a phone that has a slot for an AAA battery. On the go or forever, your charging needs are just a battery away!

Here’s an interesting take on written word. Skin, a book project from Shelley Jackson. Skin a story published on 2095 volunteers. I sent in an email to her already, I’m really hoping to be a part of this project πŸ™‚

In case you haven’t already there’s new secrets out! Shhh….

Just for easter. Here’s some marshmallow peeps being destroyed by cigarettes and alcohol!

There you go! Enjoy!!

Keep it simple, keep it real and always take it easy. And if it’s real easy then, take it twice!

Don’t have much to post on as I spent all day out with family today.Β  But, never fear, I will make an extra yummy update tomorrow!

Happy easter!

Β Yes! I got my tickets!Β 

No, But I want to get some!

Wtf?!Β  Just to be random.

As I continue updating more than I usually do I’m finishing off my last wedge of tangerine. It’s such a tasty, convenient food item! Quenches your thirst to some extent and even fills your belly up as a snack! Tangerine I love you. You are awesome.

Today was a a really nice day, I even got a little adventurous and spent some time in my backyard. It was fun cutting up some extra pieces of wood I had lying around back there. I’m thinking of doing a small fire gathering sometime next week which will definitely be interesting. So if you’re in town next week let me know and perhaps I’ll make it a special event for you!

While bumming around the house earlier today, I realized that I missed playing The Sims.Β  If you didn’t already know, The creator of Sims has been up to some… “out of this world” game, Spore. It’s pretty interesting basically you evolve from one species to another until eventually you become this crazy alien hyper breed. I’m seriously considering getting it, but I’m afraid I’ll get so caught up in it and never see the real world outside the walls of my bedroom. It just might be that entertaining. Their Screen shots are awesome! It seriously makes me want to purchase it. We’ll see what happens…

Here’s a neat concept for a online game. Shift, It’s a ninja who is trying to get through numerous obstacles but there’s a catch to every level. It’s cool it’s like a tutorial every time you level up.Β  The music is pretty catchy too!

Every once in a while I’ll Google a random word and see what hits I get. Today I looked up “zipper” and stumbled across a pretty interesting band called Squirrel Nut Zipper. Here’s a video from them.

They’ve got a myspace page as well if you want to check out more info on them.

If you’re a fan of guitar hero then you should definitely check out their new TOUR. Β 

I knew it was coming, but wow. That’s some serious dedication.

Here’s some random stuff just to be random. πŸ™‚

To do list list. πŸ™‚ Interesting spin on an agenda.

About time someone came up with this. Periodic rings. Yes, Periodic rings. Get ’em in Silver, Gold, or Platinum. Yes, It’s real.

So… what can you do with a pencil?


Keep it simple, Keep it real, and always take it easy.

If it’s real easy, then take it twice! πŸ™‚

holy crap!


Yeah, It’s about damn time for a real update. πŸ™‚

Lately I’ve been getting completely distracted by Surf The Channel. It’s awesome, and it’s completely time consuming. I’ve updated myself to the L-word and How I met your mother. I just started watching Weeds, and was trying to find a more complete series of Cowboy bebop, but I haven’t gotten around to that too much.

But, If you want to be a little more productive with your time, and you like to learn some new words to expand your vocabulary, you can check out FreeRice. It’s awesome, and it helps out some poor people from the comfort of wherever you’re accessing the internet from. Some more word stuff here.

If you like to cook but, much like me don’t feel the need to memorize or write down recipes or just don’t have everything you need for a recipe you do have and don’t feel like going all the way to the publix a few blocks over to buy the stuff you need, then here’s the site for you. SuperCook it’s an ” Intelligent Recipe Search Engine” that allows you to type into a search bar what ingredients you have and makes a list of recipes including said ingredients. Pretty neat, haven’t used it yet but, I’m excited to!

Speaking of food, I was watching Ultimate Recipe Showdown on Food Network today, and saw a recipe for Mac and Cheese with beer in the ingredients that I am now itching to try. Beer, Cheese and Bacon = Awesome.

I’ve been playing around with some web-radio stations lately and the one I like the most is Pandora. It’s awesome and it’s awesome, and it’s not going to plague the world with bad shit if you open it up. No worries!

Here’s a random picture of me. planet Deb.

Just for some randomness.

If you’re a fan of Found! and some other websites like Postsecret.com and Grouphug.us then you’ll probably like this too. A collection of random Grocery lists. Neat, Interesting, and yes, I wish I thought of this first. It’s one of those stupid simple things that you just don’t think about and someone else does before you and you’re like… fuck, I’m a moron sometimes.

Anyway, that’s what I have for now, It should hold you ’til tomorrow when I post up some other randomness. πŸ™‚ So, Enjoy, Spread my page, and Remember

Keep it real, Keep it simple and always take it easy.

And if it’s real easy, take it twice!

By the way, did you get tickets?

Find out what I’m talking about tomorrow night!

Hey everyone!

I’m not sure if anyone checks this doo-dah anymore, but I’ll be glad if I just get ONE hit on this page. I’m sorry I haven’t been updating.

Anyway, I’m currently finding myself with alot more free time than usual and I decided to give this site some good old TLC.

So I was browsing through my usual favorites and I came across this insanely hilarious website on animals that are Almost Naked. The lady bug is my favorite, but it’s only because it likes dinosaurs too.

I don’t know about you, but I’m one of those people who likes to leave notes on things, especially my food if its in a community fridge or just random ones everywhere for the simple pleasure in leaving notes for someone else to read. Here‘s a collection of passive aggressive notes posted online for your viewing pleasure, Nancy’s note made me laugh the hardest.

So this morning, I was trying to access my Gmal account, but I typed in “Gamil.com” instead of Gmail and stumbled across this design website. It’s funny because their page is titled “Gamil is not Gmail, but we’re glad you’re here!” You should check it out, and perhaps I’ll start misspelling websites more often.

The summer is almost up and I haven’t really learned anything new (aside from how to drive even more aggressively on the freeway) BUT, there is hope! Here are 33 things you probably didn’t even know had names. I know I didn’t!

Take a moment and think about what you bring with you everyday. I’m sure there are numerous reasons why you bring those items, why not share that with the world on Flickr? A lot of people already have! Check out their items here.

And with that take it easy, and if it’s real easy take it twice!