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Sometime I wonder what it is that’s holding me here. Are they excuses or just an over whelming fear? I wonder why I don’t do the things I say I want to do. Why I only live in them by saying them, and how utterly unsatisfied I am because of my action to take none. […]



Deb’s blurb on thoughts of .. thoughts.

Ollie It’s been decided that the month of September 08′ is officially the month of losing yourself, and everyone else around you. Lot’s has happened since I’ve last updated. Here’s the update in a brief list format: – Living in an apartment with Mel. – and Ollie, the pussy cat. – Went back to my […]

Do not fear.


Post arriving shortly.  I know, tell your friends I’m not dead….yet.



lots happening, that’s why the lack of updates. but never fear there’s good stuff coming, I promise. 🙂 I’m doing well and hope you’re all doing the same as well.

I’m a bit tired, but I’m going to try to last enough to do this post. I wanted to do a more personal post, since I mostly post about fun gadgets and random things over the internet. Things have been rather interesting for me recently. I quit a great job I had and I’m considering […]



something really awesome is coming. but… 🙂 i’m off to update myself on surf the channel. happy surfing!  Hulu, ‘cuz surf is down. 🙂