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The Big 2-0


My big 2-0 🙂




Update. Kitten. Freakazoid. Silver ring. I am a strange loop.

March update.

holy crap!


Yeah, It’s about damn time for a real update. 🙂 Lately I’ve been getting completely distracted by Surf The Channel. It’s awesome, and it’s completely time consuming. I’ve updated myself to the L-word and How I met your mother. I just started watching Weeds, and was trying to find a more complete series of Cowboy […]

So, I’ve been really busy for a few months, and I haven’t had the opportunity to update here. I was talking to my brother about the annoying AIM Triton update reminder that pops up at the bottom on my screen randomly, so he told me about Meebo. It’s a service that provides every known Messaging […]

As most of you know, Or at least should know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Pink October Month. Lots of Info on activities to do! Get going!! CNN: Special Repor- Breast Cancer. How to feel ’em, what to look for, all that good stuff! This week, I had planned on making a BIG update […]

Two weeks and I haven’t updated, Sorry guys. But it’s not like you spread my neat page around anyway, I suppose it’ll get more interesting once I have some more time on my hands. I’ve just realized how amazing that senior memoir journal for Mr.Holmes is, Wow. According to my journal…2 weeks ago I: -Saw […]

Creamed Corn.


As I write my first post here at the Recycle Bin, I’m eating a can of Creamed Corn. This is how creamed corn looks. This is how I eat it. Today was a rainy day. It is also September 11. As I stood in the lunch line to grab some food, I noticed a friend […]