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March update.




Hello everyone! As promised here’s an extra yummy post for you. Yesterday I strolled over to Miami Beach and stopped by the Espanola Way Art Center. Pretty interesting stuff. I had been there once previously and the artists kept mostly the same stuff up, but as always art is timeless. 🙂 Then I made a […]

holy crap!


Yeah, It’s about damn time for a real update. 🙂 Lately I’ve been getting completely distracted by Surf The Channel. It’s awesome, and it’s completely time consuming. I’ve updated myself to the L-word and How I met your mother. I just started watching Weeds, and was trying to find a more complete series of Cowboy […]

Hey everyone! I’m not sure if anyone checks this doo-dah anymore, but I’ll be glad if I just get ONE hit on this page. I’m sorry I haven’t been updating. Anyway, I’m currently finding myself with alot more free time than usual and I decided to give this site some good old TLC. So I […]

So, I’ve been really busy for a few months, and I haven’t had the opportunity to update here. I was talking to my brother about the annoying AIM Triton update reminder that pops up at the bottom on my screen randomly, so he told me about Meebo. It’s a service that provides every known Messaging […]

Hey guys, I’ve been pretty busy, sorry for the lack of an update.  I’ll let you guys know now that the winter gets real busy for me, so they’ll be less updates. SORRY…. For the next two weeks, I’ll be working on Operation Christmas Child, I’m hoping to collect a few extra boxes for my […]

Two weeks and I haven’t updated, Sorry guys. But it’s not like you spread my neat page around anyway, I suppose it’ll get more interesting once I have some more time on my hands. I’ve just realized how amazing that senior memoir journal for Mr.Holmes is, Wow. According to my journal…2 weeks ago I: -Saw […]