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The Big 2-0


My big 2-0 🙂




Update. Kitten. Freakazoid. Silver ring. I am a strange loop.

March update.



Hello everyone! As promised here’s an extra yummy post for you. Yesterday I strolled over to Miami Beach and stopped by the Espanola Way Art Center. Pretty interesting stuff. I had been there once previously and the artists kept mostly the same stuff up, but as always art is timeless. 🙂 Then I made a […]

holy crap!


Yeah, It’s about damn time for a real update. 🙂 Lately I’ve been getting completely distracted by Surf The Channel. It’s awesome, and it’s completely time consuming. I’ve updated myself to the L-word and How I met your mother. I just started watching Weeds, and was trying to find a more complete series of Cowboy […]

Hey everyone! I’m not sure if anyone checks this doo-dah anymore, but I’ll be glad if I just get ONE hit on this page. I’m sorry I haven’t been updating. Anyway, I’m currently finding myself with alot more free time than usual and I decided to give this site some good old TLC. So I […]



-I got new shoes! -I want to get them in RED. -I hate when I start A MILLION books and don’t finish reading them. -My feet have blisters. -I think UMF is over-rated. -I miss my brother. -I keep forgetting to make my Doctor’s appointment. ( someone remind me! ) -I’m going to be really […]