About Me

My name is Deb and I live in Miami, and I hate most of the people that live here. Someday I’d like to move somewhere else, maybe San francisco, If I ever get the money. I like to eat my eggs over easy. I like the color green, and orange, and maroon. A fancy way to say green is Chartreuse. I think my hair is fantastic, when it’s clean. I really hate pimples and other facial blemishes. I eat cats. Just kidding. I’ve got a fat pet turtle, that I have yet to name. I really enjoy buying office supplies, even though I may never need or use them. There is a crazy little kid yelling things outside of my window.

But, mostly, I just hope you enjoy my blog.


One Response to “About Me”

  1. 1 natalie

    ay deb lol your so random.

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