My apologies. I feel I owe alot to you Interweb. I feel I owe you the last 3 months of deb-life that you have missed.

OR Rather, I have forgotten to update you on.


Room set up:blog-03-04-0071

Herro the kitten:blog-03-04-004

Silver ring ( it’s plain, simple, deb-like)blog-03-04-002

Hair color/cut/style.huurrr-002

People at work.


Lifestlye. ( More on that later)


Living status.

Marital status.


Just a few.

I’ve quit smoking, my favortie thing in the world. I did it mostly out of finance (I’m fucking broke) and moreover I did it because I wanted a change, I needed a change and what is more drastic that quiting your favorite habit (be it a bad one). I do on occasion steal a drag from someone’s cigarette. In fact, last night I had a lengthy dream of running up to a complete stranger and taking a lit cigarette out of their mouth just to satisfy my hunger for cancer in stick form. Oddly enough, I’ve been fighting my habit of running to the 24 hour mart and buying a pack, sometimes a carton if money was available.

Why change? I don’t know. I was bored. Bored with the life I was living. It felt numb, and repetitive. Same non-sense over and over again. I do realize that things will change soon. I’ll be out of school. Out of that job that sucks my life away, and out about in the world. Cutting hairs and making ugly rich people beautiful. Then on occasion a beautiful poor person ugly.

I’m going into a business I think is ridiculous.  LOL.

But it’s engaging, it’s change, it’s something I’ve never intended on doing, and frankly, that is the excitement I need.

I’ve started the Book. It’s pretty awesome so far, I’ve gotten to chapter 2. ( haha it’s a lengthy book, and I don’t have much time to sit and read these days)

But so far, he’s been talking about consciousness, the size of a soul, how soul sizes are different ( by location of person the soul belongs to, religion, and sex of soul bearer). I’m enjoying it so far, but it takes much concentration and pensive actions that I lack.

On another note, my roommate made a stop by ikea, and next to ikea there’s a videomart with THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of old school cartoons, shows, movies on dvd. It’s a trade/shop. So you can trade in your dvds and swap ’em for other ones.

🙂 These are the 2 I’m most excited about!


No webbies today. I’m feeling a bit under the weather.

’til the next time I’m feeling sickly and have time. OR better yet, the next time I’m free.

take it easy.


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