where have you gone?


It’s been decided that the month of September 08′ is officially the month of losing yourself, and everyone else around you.

Lot’s has happened since I’ve last updated. Here’s the update in a brief list format:

– Living in an apartment with Mel.

– and Ollie, the pussy cat.

– Went back to my old job, almost a year now. -_-

– Starting schooling at Hi-tech: Paul Mitchell. (which I’m fucking excited for!)

-I’m smoking more than ever. (haha)

With the last few months, there’s been a great number of memories I LOVE looking back on, and plenty I’d rather never discuss again. Mostly, people have been my biggest issue over the last few months. People who’ve surrounded me at work, or when I’m buying groceries, or just trying to get my damn pack of ‘grits for the day. What’s occupied my mind most is the people I have direct contact with on an almost daily basis.

I feel…. Lost. I feel, things that I have known for so long, aren’t what I believed them to be. I feel…. change. This insane change that I cannot help but get caught up in and also have the time to sit back and watch.

Change, It’s good. It’s also incredibly frightening.

Enough about me though, here’s some Webbies for ya!

Mixturtle.com If you know what you want to listen to then, just type it in! search by song or artist! Best feature? Free. Second Best feature? Allows you to SAVE playlists on the website, and reopen them in your browser! Just Join for free, make a profile and listen to whatever it is your little heart desires.

OMG, I love Food, I don’t know how much I can stress that fact, I enjoy eating it, looking at it, feeling it (although I don’t usually stick my hand into my meals just to feel around) and cooking it.

If you’re a food fan, or just feel inspired to put your stove to some use poke around Opensourcefood.com

for all your cooking needs or even just to make you hungry at weird times in the evening.

LAWL. Don’t do drugs.

… science is wrong. I googled Google, and it did not implode on itself. 😦 How disappointing. -_- I feel a little bit nerdy just thinking about that.

This is the next book I will be reading.

that’s all for now!! Enjoi.


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