To the gun show?


 Yes! I got my tickets! 

No, But I want to get some!

Wtf?!  Just to be random.

As I continue updating more than I usually do I’m finishing off my last wedge of tangerine. It’s such a tasty, convenient food item! Quenches your thirst to some extent and even fills your belly up as a snack! Tangerine I love you. You are awesome.

Today was a a really nice day, I even got a little adventurous and spent some time in my backyard. It was fun cutting up some extra pieces of wood I had lying around back there. I’m thinking of doing a small fire gathering sometime next week which will definitely be interesting. So if you’re in town next week let me know and perhaps I’ll make it a special event for you!

While bumming around the house earlier today, I realized that I missed playing The Sims.  If you didn’t already know, The creator of Sims has been up to some… “out of this world” game, Spore. It’s pretty interesting basically you evolve from one species to another until eventually you become this crazy alien hyper breed. I’m seriously considering getting it, but I’m afraid I’ll get so caught up in it and never see the real world outside the walls of my bedroom. It just might be that entertaining. Their Screen shots are awesome! It seriously makes me want to purchase it. We’ll see what happens…

Here’s a neat concept for a online game. Shift, It’s a ninja who is trying to get through numerous obstacles but there’s a catch to every level. It’s cool it’s like a tutorial every time you level up.  The music is pretty catchy too!

Every once in a while I’ll Google a random word and see what hits I get. Today I looked up “zipper” and stumbled across a pretty interesting band called Squirrel Nut Zipper. Here’s a video from them.

They’ve got a myspace page as well if you want to check out more info on them.

If you’re a fan of guitar hero then you should definitely check out their new TOUR.  

I knew it was coming, but wow. That’s some serious dedication.

Here’s some random stuff just to be random. 🙂

To do list list. 🙂 Interesting spin on an agenda.

About time someone came up with this. Periodic rings. Yes, Periodic rings. Get ’em in Silver, Gold, or Platinum. Yes, It’s real.

So… what can you do with a pencil?


Keep it simple, Keep it real, and always take it easy.

If it’s real easy, then take it twice! 🙂

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