Long time No see.


Hey everyone!

I’m not sure if anyone checks this doo-dah anymore, but I’ll be glad if I just get ONE hit on this page. I’m sorry I haven’t been updating.

Anyway, I’m currently finding myself with alot more free time than usual and I decided to give this site some good old TLC.

So I was browsing through my usual favorites and I came across this insanely hilarious website on animals that are Almost Naked. The lady bug is my favorite, but it’s only because it likes dinosaurs too.

I don’t know about you, but I’m one of those people who likes to leave notes on things, especially my food if its in a community fridge or just random ones everywhere for the simple pleasure in leaving notes for someone else to read. Here‘s a collection of passive aggressive notes posted online for your viewing pleasure, Nancy’s note made me laugh the hardest.

So this morning, I was trying to access my Gmal account, but I typed in “Gamil.com” instead of Gmail and stumbled across this design website. It’s funny because their page is titled “Gamil is not Gmail, but we’re glad you’re here!” You should check it out, and perhaps I’ll start misspelling websites more often.

The summer is almost up and I haven’t really learned anything new (aside from how to drive even more aggressively on the freeway) BUT, there is hope! Here are 33 things you probably didn’t even know had names. I know I didn’t!

Take a moment and think about what you bring with you everyday. I’m sure there are numerous reasons why you bring those items, why not share that with the world on Flickr? A lot of people already have! Check out their items here.

And with that take it easy, and if it’s real easy take it twice!

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