-I got new shoes!

-I want to get them in RED.

-I hate when I start A MILLION books and don’t finish reading them.

-My feet have blisters.

-I think UMF is over-rated.

-I miss my brother.

-I keep forgetting to make my Doctor’s appointment. ( someone remind me! )

-I’m going to be really tired tomorrow.

-I need to buy black wooden frames to put up pictures in.

-My face is starting to break out again : (

-Dogs are really annoying.

-Cats are really annoying.

-I love it when my bathroom smells like ” lily of the valley”


2 Responses to “Quickie”

  1. 1 Cristi

    Yeah most animal annoy me too… and i want new shoes… but i got no dinero

  2. 2 natalie

    i love your shoes ….. to bad they don’t fit me lol.

    and ps. i always wake-up tired.

    ohhhh and make your doctor’s appointment! :0D

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