this has nothing to do with my post


So, I’ve been really busy for a few months, and I haven’t had the opportunity to update here.

I was talking to my brother about the annoying AIM Triton update reminder that pops up at the bottom on my screen randomly, so he told me about Meebo. It’s a service that provides every known Messaging system on the Internet in one place, so that means no more signing onto Msn, then AIM, and then G-mail, you can sign in once with a Meebo account, and be signed into all of them at the same time! Plus it saves space on your computer, it opens off the Internet, so this means you can sign on anywhere! ( with Internet of course)

Get meebo! GO NOW!!

So while bored over the past few days, I decided to google the word ” oooh ” and I came across an interesting, but sad website.

Are you tired of being told by friends and family to get a girlfriend?

Maybe you would like to make someone else jealous when they see how enamored your new girlfriend is by you.

Perhaps you are wondering what it’s like to have a long distance girlfriend?

Then this website is for you! Come and get it, Your very own IMAGINARY GIRLFRIEND. How pathetic, and apparently they charge for this service. >.< so if your friend suddenly has a long distance relationship…. he just might be paying someone to send him love letters and call him….

I wonder if they have gift cards or packages you can buy for someone, that’d be such a great gag gift!

Possibly the coolest water bottles ever.

(and more expensive too!) The fred water is pretty good looking though, and what’s up with that ” bling ” water lol that’s just ridiculous.

I love Natalie Dee. natalie dee

More Natalie Dee comics Here.

Decorating? Trying to find a good gift idea? Get tabblo! It helps you create posters, albums, picture cards, pretty much anything on paper. I really want to make one, but… of what?!

I know most of us do this, and it’s about time they made a product for it, Post it pictures!

post it Find it, Print it, Stick it! Cover your walls in it!

Don’t you hate it when you call a company and you’re stuck on the phone with a machine for HOURS on end? I found this neat website with a bunch of codes to get past the machine and to a person faster! I’m not sure if it works, but hey it’s worth a try! Gethum 500, talk to people faster!

I’ve been finding a lot of really cool magazines lately, and this one is probably the coolest one. Good magazine.

The Magazine

Welcome to GOOD, media for people who give a damn

I couldn’t really find a good picture of the cover, but it’s REALLY new, whenever you subscribe it asks what charity you want to support, and $20 dollars of your subscription payment goes into that charity. Pretty neat, check it out here.

And I’ll end on that Good note. Later days!


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