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Hey guys, I’ve been pretty busy, sorry for the lack of an update.  I’ll let you guys know now that the winter gets real busy for me, so they’ll be less updates. SORRY….

For the next two weeks, I’ll be working on Operation Christmas Child, I’m hoping to collect a few extra boxes for my Local Church. It’s pretty simple, You get a shoe box (we prefer you get a big plastic box that comes with a lid) and you fill it with Gifts for a child ( boy or girl) and there’s a 7$ donation for shipping costs. These gifts go around the world to kids who don’t have the oppotunity to get gifts at christmas.

It really doesn’t cost much, I’ll have a brochure with me if you see me at school, otherwise here’s the Webbie: Operation Christmas Child. 

Speaking of Christmas, You’ve all probably heard but Tim Burton’s Nightmare before Christmas is coming out in 3-D I know how many fans the movie has, and I’m more than positive that they are going to try to see it.  Here’s a webbie for that: Nightmare Before Christmas.

I was watching a movie at Ronald’s house the other day before heading out, and we watched “Domino Harvey” It’s about these three Bounty Hunters, and the FX and story plot for it completely blew my mind away. Very few movies have the ability to ” blow me away” and this one did. I just can’t believe i let it get past me, Why hasn’t anyone told me how great this movie is?!!

Domino Harvey- Movie poster. Click the Poster for the Official Website, Careful there’s alot of weirdpop-ups and random noises.
I’m not sure if you have but there’s new ssssssshhhhhh… Secrets…. out. Frank is also coming out with two new books, excited?! You should be!

My secret:

my secret.

AND there’s the second book: The secret lives of men and women.
The secret lives of men a women

Here’s something pretty cool. Instead of those bulky, ugly looking water dispensers alot of people have at offices and even at home, you can get this: Water cooler Doesn’t it look so simple and sleek?! I like this one, It comes in colors too!    Click the picture for the webbie.

Here’s a cutevideo about love in the 2000’s. Here’s the Caption Wired news had for it:

Less Than Three — Animated Video
An animation about love in the early 2000s. You’d better hope this song doesn’t get popular, because if you hear it four times it will never leave your brain.

 Less than Three Video.
Unfortunately, Youtube isn’t compatible with WordPress yet, so I’ll have to wait until they are, for now that’s a Webbie link.

Here’s some Music related Goodness. Ultra Music festival, which was a BIG BANG for years now, is set to be on March 24, I’ll try my best to keep you updated on when tickets go on sale and what not. They should be soon. Here’s that webbie: Myspace/umf


Click the logo for the Webbie.
Nov.11  Bicentenial park. If I had the money I would’ve gone.
I think that’s all for now. I’m gonna enjoy some of my freetime.

Later days.

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