Breast Cancer Awareness


As most of you know, Or at least should know,

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Pink October Month. Lots of Info on activities to do! Get going!!

CNN: Special Repor- Breast Cancer. How to feel ’em, what to look for, all that good stuff!

This week, I had planned on making a BIG update on Breast Cancer, I really had no idea that October was awareness month, It was all kind of a big Conincidence, alot like this long run on sentence.

I was looking at Digital Cameras on Engadgetnet, and I stumbled on these:

Pink Digicams

Sleek, Sexy, Cool, obviously pink and aware.

Polaroid, I’m not sure about the quality of these cameras, but it is a really neat idea, I think other companies should catch on and make some other … Pride like cameras.

I see rainbow cameras coming soon! HAHa

They should offer cameras in MULTIPLE different colors, I think people would really like to be able to identify which camera is theirs without turning it on and browsing through old pictures, I know I would.

If you Google Breast Cancer, you’re more than likely to come up with 300000000000000000000+ hits.

This page probably caught my attention the most:, C’mon, you know you want to, and hey it just may save your life! Don’t mind me I’ll just feel away!

As Promised I was going to do my best to get some pictures of the Bodies Exhibit, Mostly, it was Jenny that started taking pictures.

I’m way too lazy to post them all up right now, so here’s one of the good ones!


Here’s something else to keep in mind: (Click the Image Below!)

Relay For Life is a fun-filled overnight event designed to celebrate survivorship and raise money for research and programs of your American Cancer Society. During the event, teams of people gather at schools, fairgrounds, or parks and take turns walking or running laps. Each team tries to keep at least one team member on the track at all times.

That’s off their website, I’ve talked to a few people at school, amazingly enough, there are people who are participating in this! AWESOME!

I was trying to look for some Merch(andise) on Cancer Awareness, Cafepress was probably my favorite, everything isn’t TOO tacky.

Cancer Support T-Shirts and Gifts.

cancer can't stop me. f#@k Cancer

I really like these, In your face, minimalist, clean look. I like it alot!
In other news, I went on Amazon and pre-ordered the new Post Secret books that are coming out, I dunno if you heard or not but Frank is not only coming out with one but TWO!

Psssst! New secrets! Exciting! Ins’t it?! GO!

I was having a chat with Ronald today, I was wondering what everyone would think about Deb: Bartender/Hairstylist?

Sign me up for Beauty School?!? I’ll never decide on my future, I’ll end up living at home until I’m 30. I’ll be one sad, lonely girl.

Speaking of school, Last week, one of our teachers was murdered at his home, the killer escaped but they Found the him, apparently he was bragging about it. I seriously hope they try him as an adult.
Here’s the report.

Really neat and Slightly bizzare, but actually clever.

Car Elevator. The future is.. up.

Here is a silly page post!


I like ^^^^^This one^^^^^
Cute aren’t they?

2 Responses to “Breast Cancer Awareness”

  1. For an interesting twist on the topic of the “pinking” of breast cancer awareness, there are two articles I link to from my website,, that I think you might like to read.

    To access these two articles, please go to the links on the left side of my site, and look under “articles of importance.”

    1)”Welcome to Cancerland: A Mammogram Leads to a Cult of Pink Kitsch,” by Barbara Ehrenreich. A classic.

    2)”Chemo Concession” (contains some surprising information about the chemotherapy industry)

    Both articles will give you another perspective on the “think pink” phenomenon. I hope you will find them informative. Thanks very much for giving them a look!

    Julia Schopick

  2. i loved this one =) i am aware now lol

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