Asian girl alone in the city.


Two weeks and I haven’t updated, Sorry guys. But it’s not like you spread my neat page around anyway, I suppose it’ll get more interesting once I have some more time on my hands.

I’ve just realized how amazing that senior memoir journal for Mr.Holmes is, Wow. According to my journal…2 weeks ago I:

-Saw Rent on stage ( it’s not exactly as exciting as you think, 60 dollars was a huge bust, but then again, I already knew what was going to happen so… I guess it was like watching a so-so movie again)

-Got moved out of my AP MacroEconomics class, They finally realized that I am NOT AP gifted, After leaving me there for… almost a whole nine weeks, it was pretty exciting. I’m now in Honors economics with Server, we’ll see how that turns out.

-got a companion ring.

-tried to fix a modem

– and failed…

-watched MANY movies

-had another interesting wrestling match. This time Bruises were involved


I promised Denisse that I would post up the Crime Library, so, Here it is. It’s a web page dedicated to files and cases on previous murders, crimes and criminal minds, there’s also a murder mystery detective game you can play.

I’m also heading to the bodies exhibit today! I don’t think they allow pictures and what not, But I’ll do what I can.

It’s official, Cristi and I are starting a business together. The details on that.. will be shared with you once I gather them all together, as of now, I need to start saving up money so that I can get supplies and things started. I’ll also be doing multiple side projects. More details on that soon!

I think it’s really cool how you can find little design things everywhere.

This:Bottle Top

is from this:bottle

Who would’ve thought?!

My camera hasn’t been around lately, so I don’t have alot of picture posts.

Seriously, I really want to just hop on the metro rail, get off some place downtown, and take pictures and find silly stores, meet some silly people, do silly things? and I seriously need a partner in crime. Any one up for it? An asian girl alone downtown isn’t such a great idea.

Have you checked?! Is your secret out?
I got a package in the mail the other day:


so i open it to the first page:page 1

but, it’s not just ANY reciept.

HCFM This is by far, the coolest and most random thing I have ever found.

One Response to “Asian girl alone in the city.”

  1. hey,
    i go to school downtown.. so i’m down to just hang and meet funky people. you get a lot of interesting folks down there… im there from mon through fri.

    oh and i think i’m going to the bodies exhibit.. with school. not to sure though, so let me know how it is.

    love, Melissa.

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