Death can be such a lovely thing…


Being sick is pretty disgusting. You’ve got Tissues everywhere, your nose feels like it’s going to fall off, every time you cough it feels like someone is taking a sledgehammer to each of your temples. Not to mention that you feel like you’ll cough up an alien the next time you open your mouth.

I think the worst part of it is, that I don’t know HOW I got sick, it just kinda progressed from the occasional sneeze to a phlegmy, mucus running, alien coughing monster.

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day, about museums. She’s a Med student, studying to be a nurse, I forgot which kind. Anyway, she mentioned this Bodies exhibit to me, it’s pretty interesting.tiny picture I know it’s small, but I don’t have energy to resize it right now.

They take human bodies, slice them into thin layers, and rebuild them. There’s a lot of controversy with these exhibits. But I found out that not ALL the exhibits are a part of that.. “hush-hush, even though everyone knows” thing. The exhibit features skeletons in full, and then muscles in full, and then veins and organs… it’s pretty nuts, it’s like seeing the human body stand, sit, ride a bike etc. but only in muscles or.. organs.. or the skeleton.. it’s like peeling off their skin. I think it’s neat. This is the Original exhibit, and this is the knock off, controversy filled, exhibit coming to Miami. YES, it’s coming to Miami, I’m completely amazed. I am in NEED of going to see this exhibit. It also means that I need to finish this book Denisse lent me. Stiff-The Curious lives of Human Cadavers

I’m Incredibly excited!

On a Livelier, haha livelier, Note, I’ve decided the next book I want to read is, The Black dahlia. I’d also like to watch the movie.

Here’s some information on that.

I also need to start reading things in my murder book. I’ve got so many things to read. And it just so happens that this is the Cover picture! Giant Book of Murder What a coincidence!

Just to end on a Happy note.

2 Responses to “Death can be such a lovely thing…”

  1. i need to find a good book to read >_

  2. 2 Denisse

    I’ve seen something like those exhibitions in books, I had one like it in my anatomy book, it was crazy, I shoulda kept it.

    The Human Body is very interesting though , in all it’s stages, especially death.

    I also love murders, by any chance can you post up that website you gave me once that had like an archive or something like it of murders and dissapearences. I lost it when my computer was erased.

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