Creamed Corn.


As I write my first post here at the Recycle Bin, I’m eating a can of Creamed Corn. This is how creamed corn looks. This is how I eat it.

Today was a rainy day. It is also September 11. As I stood in the lunch line to grab some food, I noticed a friend of mine had an american flag in the view part of her binder.

All I could think about was ” you’re not patriotic at all, all you’re saying is, Today is September 11, the day the planes hit the twin towers, and the day I became “patriotic” because all these people lost their lives and it make me feel bad, so horay America! ”

I didn’t do anything different today, I didn’t put on my red, white and blue bowling shoes. I just did what I did anyday. If you were a real Patriot, you would’ve loved this country from the begining. Not after some disaster. I compared it to the crocodile hunter. Ok he died from a sting ray, that sucks. It’s actually kinda ironic if you think about it. All his life, for the most part, he was around these ” dangerous animals” and he died from one of the most non-threatening animals. There are people parading around saying they loved the croc hunter.When they never even watched a show of his.

Anyway, I just wanted to ramble a bit on that, and how Americans today are more patriotic than any other day. Kinda like 4th of july. But all I’m actually excited for is the fireworks.

I decided to check up on my PureVolume Site, and there is this Indie band from Pittsburg, They are pretty good, I didn’t get a chance to really listen in to their lyrics, but i just stopped by their site to check out a track or two. This is them. I’m gona comment to them about posting up Lyrics on the site. I’d really like to read them, and plus, once they get a fanbase going, it’s cool to see them sing to the words you wrote.

I was browsing around and I found this little doo dah, How ironic is that? Yet unbelievable cool. I would love to own this. Just because it’s so smoking

I haven’t been doing alot of my homemade t-Shirts lately, Probably because of the fact that i’ve run out of ideas. Or the lack of T-Shirts. But This shirt just says it all:great artists

If I could duplicate this shirt, It would be massive amounts of amazing. You could buy this shirt Here.


Be a part of Recycle Bin. Comment, help me find some neat stuff, do something cool, and I’ll probably post it up here.


2 Responses to “Creamed Corn.”

  1. yay… this is exciting

  2. 2 Hazel

    Now i want corn 😦

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